Giorgi Isakadze

Editor in Chief of FORBES GEORGIA

Acting: Media Manager, as well as Editor in chief and Managing Partner of Forbes Georgia and editor & host (Business Media Georgia unique media platform or multimedia coverage (TV, Radio, Print, Digital, Social Media etc.) and all about business & economy in Georgia and Worldwide.

With more than 22 Editions Annually of Forbes in Georgia 24/7 coverage (business news includes first business TV Channel BMG TV in Georgia and region) on TV channels and web (870.000 unique users by Google Analytics),

Previously: Lobbying and government relations(Administration of President of Georgia, Deputy Vice State Minister covering IFI’s etc.); business association building(BAG); mobilizing interest groups of stakeholders; experience in economic policy making and policies and politics of reforms through senior level assignments in public service; policy analysis; university degree in economics; journalistic experience and media management.