Iva Chkonia

President at Georgian Distributors Business Association

Iva Chkonia has many years of experience in the business sector. His career began in 1995 at "Coca Cola Bottlers Georgia", until now he owns and operates in the distribution and local production business. Conducts lectures and seminars in different universities of Georgia. With the involvement of business entities operating in the market of Georgia, he founded the Georgian Distributors Business Association, which unites about 90 local and international brand representative companies.

As the president of the association: developes and ptomotes distribution as a separate field; shares global experience on the local market; prepares the proposals and recommendations for legislative and executive authorities in order to promote enabling environment for distribution business; conducts seminars and trainings in order to upgrade knowledge and skills of proffesionals working in this field; implements targeted projects in order to facilitate Georgian distribution business.